The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

April 2012





CBN News: Slow Economic Recovery" What's Taking So Long?

Melissa Woodward will discuss her time as a sex slave, how she came to Christ and the business of sex trafficking.

Operation Blessing provides three new wells to a Bombay Teen Challenge where Shanu, a former sex-slave, is living.


CBN News: Cruise Control: Romney Takes the Lead in Wis.

CBN Sports goes inside the locker rooms at the 2012 Final Four for stories of faith and basketball.

A bad car accident put Natalie Elders in a coma for ten days until she experienced a personal Easter Sunday resurrection.


CBN News: Romney Sets Sights on Pa. After Three-State Sweep

Chairman of Interstate Batteries Norman Millerwill share his testimony of overcoming alcoholism and finding faith in Jesus Christ.

Riva Tims shares the betrayal of being cheated on by her pastor husband and how the church turned on her as a result.


CBN News: Military Plans on Iran Leaked in Effort to Thwart Israel?

The 700 Club revisits the classic Gil Amelio Sculpture of Jesus.

Operation Blessing supports a Dallas area grocery ministry that's keeping Claudina's family fed.


CBN News:

The Layton’s appeared to be “the perfect Christian couple," yet, they both had extra-marital affairs that put their marriage on the ropes.

Gordon Robertson takes us on a journey inside The Family of Jesus.


CBN News: Web of Laws Creating Hosts of 'Accidental Criminals'

Robert Porter shares how The 700 Club played a role in changing a hate-filled man into a vessel of God's love.

Major League pitcher Curt Schilling and his wife Shonda found their greatest challenge raising their son who has Asperger's Syndrome.


CBN News: Israel a Christian Haven amid Islamic Persectution

Chatman Payne was a homeless man that got a second chance after a group of Christians modeled the love of God.

Hockey star Mike Fisher experienced a miraculous healing after a prayer on The 700 Club.


CBN News: Rick Santorum: Presidential Race is 'Over For Me'

William & Michelle Branchshare how their marriage survived after William had an inappropriate relationship with another woman.

Kristi Watts interviews Pat, Gordon, and Terry about little known facts of their respective personal lives.


CBN News: Trayvon Martin Shooter Charged with Second-Degree Murder

Kristin Tremba was raised as a conservative Christian, but she still struggled with an attraction to the same sex.

American Idol finalist Scott MacIntyre talks about overcoming the challenges of his visual impairment.


CBN News: Bishops Launch Campaign to Defend Religious Liberty

Andrew Palau shares how surviving a plane crash changed his life.

Musician Bobby Hayden lived the 'rock n' roll lifestyle,' but he still knew something was missing.


CBN News: Conservatives Rebuff 'Buffet Rule' as Class Warfare

Daniel Gray chose a life of gangs, substance abuse, and partying. That choice almost killed him.

Songwriter Allen Shamblinshares about his faith journey and music career.


CBN News: Egypt's Brotherhood Launches US 'Charm Offensive'

The tumultuos marriage of Chris and Debra Hedgcorth is rocked further by Debra's new found faith.

A day of fishing turns into a nightmare for Keith Kenerly and his friends as the boat begins taking on water.


CBN News: New Video Exposes Ease of Voter ID Fraud

Dr. Vinson Synan and Dr. Charles Fox discuss their new book, William J. Seymour: Pioneer of the Azusa Street Revival, and how he began the spread of Pentecostalism.


CBN News: The Sweet Life Costing Americans Body and Wallet

Author Elizabeth Shepard will discuss how to prepare delicious, healthy meals for your family. 

Clayton Kershawis the reigning NL Cy Young award winner, but he credits his baseball success to God.


CBN News: Media Matters' Anti-Christian Agenda Exposed

Dustin Ellerman shares his experience of staying true to his Christian faith while winning The History Channel's 'Top Shot' reality show.

Robert Leon Davis started out as the face of the law, but his decision to be a dirty cop put him in the crosshairs of the law. For decades he eluded capture until the day he encountered God in the woods.


CBN News: Debt Crisis: Europe Postponing Day of Reckoning?

Former Olympian Marion Jones discusses her time behind bars and ideas on prison reform.

Jose Lloret had a nagging tailbone injury that proved to be no match for the power of God.


CBN News: Gibson's Blues: Endless Laws Criminalizing Business

Ned and Becca Ryun were terrified when their baby was born at only 23 weeks, but they trusted Godand baby Charlotte made a miraculous recovery.

Author Paul Coughlin joins us to further the discussion on how to bully-proof our kids.


CBN News: Experts Warn Europe-Like Crisis Around The Corner

Shawn Christopher never expected that the faith of her daughter would lead to her own salvation.

David Cook, author of Golf's Sacred Journey, shares about the inspiration behind the story and discusses the recent movie based on the book, Seven Days in Utopia.


CBN News: High Court Signals Support For Ariz. Immigration Law

Pastor Anne Gimenez shares about the upcoming America for Jesus 2012.

Drug and alocohol addiction cost Alea Whitealmost everything, but God didn't give up on her.


CBN News:

Pastor and author Robert A. Schuller shares about the importance of surrendering to Christ.

Author Kevin LeVar will discuss why marriage-minded singles should pray for their future spouse.


CBN News: Colton Dixon: 'I wear my Faith on my sleeve.'

Basketball executive, author, and motivational speaker Pat Williams provides an update on his battle with cancer and shares about his latest book, 'Leadership Excellence.'.

Darnisha Taylor was declared dead after a diving accident. What happened next was amazing.